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    What We Do
    In the past we have stocked just about everything we offer. As we grow we will be adding items to our store offered by our wide range of vendors. We still stock most of what we've carried in the past, but will be adding thousands of new items here and will stock them as we grow and as demand dictates. As a distributor our purpose is to provide one place to purchase the items you need and pass only one shipping cost to you. All items not stocked in our main warehouse will have a note on the item detail concerning availability.

    Our focus will still be to remain a stocking distributor, not simply a dropshipper. We will be adding many consumables, mainly at the request of customers. Also at the request of our customers we will also be offering equipment for the lab to include balances, stirrers, hotplates, sonicators, microscopes, test and analytical devices, and a variety of other laboratory equipment. Most of higher end items will have lead times and many will be drop shipped.

    Thank You
    Thank you for stopping in. Without our customers we would not be here and growing. Please feel free Contact us if you have any questions.


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